Financial Services Authority (FSA ) regulated, License No SD003
Corporte Finance Sector

Local knowledge with global experience.

As a privately owned company managed by former investment bankers, Amalga is closely associated with entrepreneurship and corporate advisory. We are fully aware that the needs of it's entrepreneurial clients go far beyond the scope of traditional wealth management services. Amalga provides a full range of corporate finance advisory services including advice on mergers & acquisitions, capital raising, valuation, structuring & negotiation, African research and analysis, private placements and listings (IPO's).

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Equity Capital

We provide advice on the execution and negotiation of equity transactions as well as optimal company valuation, process coordination and optimal group reorganisation to meet listing standards. In terms of execution, the team offers assistance in the selection of appropriate listing places, other advisors and bookrunners, defines optimal parameters to maximise pricing and coordinates marketing efforts with research analysts (roadshows, research coverage, etc.)

Mergers & Aquisitions

Whether you are looking to grow your market share through acquisition, consolidate your position within your industry or diversify your business, it is important that any acquisition transaction aligns with your overall business strategy. Based on our comprehensive knowledge of economic, tax, financial and legal aspects and depending on your needs, we will accompany you throughout the entire process of a corporate transaction or in individual sub-steps.

Digital and Traditional

Research and Analysis

We make an analysis from a fundamentals perspective to ensure that the project proposition is business-viable in the long-term, and that the concept is ideal for marriage with distributed ledger technology. We deliver our services by adhering to the best practices in line with the established standards of financial regulation and risk management.