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Our extensive experience in establishing and managing complex, high-value structures helps protect, preserve and plan for the future of our clients’ personal and family wealth.

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Navigating the complexities


With great wealth, comes great freedom - and even greater complexity. The same freedom that can afford the modern family access to unique opportunities can also often significantly complicate its affairs, particularly where family members and assets are located around the world. A family’s estate planning strategy must be both dynamic and sophisticated, customised to the individual's lifestyle and the varied personal, cultural and financial needs of each family member.

Finding the optimal solution

Bespoke Solutions

Amalga provides specialist trust and fiduciary services to international high net worth individuals, families and family offices in all major markets and time zones. Our dedicated team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with experience across a range of relevant disciplines who are committed to working closely to provide clients with expert advice and realistic choices. We have expertise in a number of arrangements, ensuring that they are optimally structured and professionally managed.


How we assist

Corporate Advisory
Strategic Planning

Having an effective and suitable strategy is essential and we are here to guide you in the complexities of managing your onshore and offshore business in a tax effecient manner.
Our Advisory teams, who are familiar with local and global regulations will help you to design, manage and execute strategies that work specifically for your situations based on the wide range of knowledge, and professional experience we have gathered throughout the years.

Entity Formations
IBC, Trusts, Foundations

Trusts, companies and foundations can be effective vehicles to achieve private wealth management and succession planning objectives. By transferring your assets to a trust for the benefit of chosen beneficiaries or to a company or a foundation under the guidance of a trusted family council, you put in place a structure that can be used to make sure your family is looked after long after you’re gone.Download the factsheet .

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International banking solutions

We provide banking services to our clients through our custody bank. Strong partnerships with leading foreign exchange services providers gives you access to the best FX rates. Our unrivaled single-source solution includes a pioneering digital corporate banking platform for the asset management and corporate sector. Our experienced team use their fund and treasury expertise to provide this service for global institutional and professional investors.

Offshore Insurance Wrappers

Life Insurance Wrappers in general work because the ownership of the underlying assets is transferred from the original owner to the life insurance company. The life company legally holds the assets and the investor of the life policy, who generally maintains control over investment allocation and decisions, will pass the assets on death to the named beneficiary or beneficiaries of the policy, who can be individuals or for instance a Trust. This can also be useful for asset protection purposes.

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Technology & Innovation
Blockchain solutions

Digital Assets and Blockchain technologies are disrupting the traditional financial environment and reshaping the financial industry. We provide clients solutions for digital payments, liquidity, trading platforms, custody, tokenisation and other services.

Family Office
Solutions for Family offices

How you manage the complexities of a wealthy family and protect family wealth can take many different forms and requires great oversight and the ability to administer a wide range of solutions in a rapidly changing global community. We deliver high-quality, tailored private clients and family office services that meet your personal wealth management needs regardless of what stage you are in wealth creation. We provide effective ways of managing your capital throughout the cycle of wealth generation, consolidation and succession.

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